The Animals at Lockwood Manor ePUB –

The Animals at Lockwood Manor ePUB –

  • Hardcover
  • 352 pages
  • The Animals at Lockwood Manor
  • Jane Healey
  • English
  • 22 September 2018
  • 9781529014174

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    Jane Healey writes a dark, disturbing and slow moving gothic mystery with echoes of a number of classic novels, set amidst the background of WW2, the decline of the aristocracy and the social norms, attitudes and expectations of women in this period It is 1939, 30 year old Hetty Cartwright is a museum curator charged with overseeing the removal and protection of the taxidermy mammal collection at the natural history museum to Lockwood Manor for the duration of the war She finds her task significantly challenging than she expects in the face of the hostility and resentment she faces The widower Lord Lockwood is an irritating, bullying and menacing presence but Hetty feels a kinship with his daughter, Lady Lucy, finding herself irresistibly drawn to her Lucy is a anxious, traumatised, fragile and haunted woman, plagued by grief, fears, dreams and nightmares.In a unsettling and creepily atmospheric narrative, the manor is a character in its own right, where strange and mysterious things occur, the animal exhibits move and disappear, and there are strong hints of a malevolent presence, and rumours of ghosts and curses This is a multilayered read of family secrets, an unexpected love, loss, mental health, madness, sexuality and abuse Healey expertly builds up a claustrophobic, spooky and oppressive feel to her multilayered storytelling Her writing is beautiful, richly descriptive and she has a real talent for characterisation An engrossing and engaging read with plenty of suspense and tension, and packed with intrigue and mystery Many thanks to Pan Macmillan for an ARC.

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    Giveaway win The Animals at Lockwood Manor just was not for me Nothing happens.I mean AT ALL This book was so boring The mystery wasn t a mystery, it was super obvious who behind all the strange happenings This book was described as being sexy and spooky but it wasn t either of those things Jane Healey has a beautiful way with words but her plotting and storytelling could use some work.

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    A creepy gothic manor haunted by ghosts of the past an unpleasant lord of the manor with hidden secrets creepy stuffed animals shudder I suppose it s true that valuable items from London museums were evacuated to prevent destruction in air raids I enjoyed the story but couldn t particularly take to the main character Hetty Many thanks to Netgalley for an arc of this book.

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    Taxidermy In my reading And it didn t freak me out Colour me surprised and intrigued.Okay so, upfront, I loved The Animals at Lockwood Manor It s got a really mysterious Gothic Jane Eyre vibe, but set during WW2 and with a sapphic relationship.Jane Healey is a new to me author but I was blown away by her writing style The pacing is slow and drawn out so something to watch out for if that s not your thing which gradually builds up all the simmering tension that s brewing just under the surface.Hetty is an amazing lead character She s a woman in the 1940s, put in charge of protecting the Natural History Museums entire mammal collection, all on her own, during the Blitz Sure, she has Lord Lockwood and his staff for support, but are they really of a help or a hindrance The drive, stubbornness and curiosity it would have taken for a woman to find herself in such a position coincidentally makes her the perfect protagonist to nose her way around Lockwood s rooms and probe into the family secrets It s a lovely dove tailing of plot and character, so that I was completely on board with her prying about.Lucy is the cinnamon roll you ll want to protect and the relationship between the two women is beautifully, delicately played out and developed.Lord Lockwood What can I say He s such a good bad guy Even when he s being nice, he s smug and condescending and looking out for himself Almost every time Hetty had to interact with him, or plead for him to actually help her the way he s supposed to, I felt my fists clench in utter frustration In terms of the plot, maybe the surprise isn t the most surprising ever, but it s the journey and the getting there that counts with this one.As with a lot of books I really love Reviews are hard We know this But just take my fangirl squealing over this one for granted, okay I really recommend.

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    A unique and wonderfully spun gothic mystery taking place in England during WWII Hetty is promoted to Director of the Museum at the start of the war She is tasked with safeguarding and accompanying many of the mammal specimens of the museum to Lockwood Manor where they ll reside during the war in hopes of being protected from the bombs expected to rain down on London Lockwood is an enormous estate compromising of 92 rooms, several servants, Lord Lockwood, and his daughter Lucy The Lockwoods recently suffered a tragedy when Lord Lockwood s wife and mother died in a car accident Hetty and the animals move into the manor and almost immediately strange things begin happening First, the jaguar vanishes Then, animals seem to move to new locations throughout the night Rumors of the manor being haunted are whispered amongst the servants Details of Mrs Lockwood s madness and Lucy s night terrors and nervous personality come to light Overwhelmed by the amount of work, isolation, and never ending damage to the animals she must try to mitigate, Hetty wonders if the house is making her mad too Dark and surprising, the Animals at Lockwood Manor was a fast read that transported me back in time The details of the manor and exotic beasts were perfectly relayed and the descriptive writing wove beautiful imagery Absolutely recommend Thank you BookishFirst and the publisher for a copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review.

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    It s the start of WW2 Hetty Cartwright is a museum curator in London in charge of the Mammal collection When she is evacuated to Lockwood Manor with the collection to keep it safe against the air raids of London Lockwood Manor is a big house with so many rooms, with not so many people to fill it The lady of the manor tragically died left with the lord of the house and his daughter.When the collection is brought to the house, Hetty struggles to keep up with keeping an eye on the collection and things start to go missing To the annoyance of the Lord of the manor who thinks Hetty is a silly woman that makes things up The only allies in the house is the daughter Lucy who she brief relationship with.This is a beautifully written tale and it is written with a lot of description of the Manor and animals And I enjoyed the first half of this book But I found this book to be slow and started getting to lose the will to carry on For me personally I thought it was too slow that I started skipping parts in the last 30% of this book because I was waiting for , but it didn t deliver 3 stars from me.Thank you NetGalley and Pan Macmillian for a copy of this book.

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    This book was described as a Gothic novel set in England at the time of WW 2 It was a must read for me, and regret I was disappointed It did establish an eerie feeling, but I felt it was too slow paced to build up much suspense and was derivative of some of the classic Gothic tales There was too much description of the women s nightmares, night terrors, and inner turmoil I thought this detracted from developing them as full characters, rather than personalities consisting of their instabilities and dysfunctions There was the haughty, evil lord of the manor, an emotionally disturbed woman in a turret room, a destructive fire, and a woman feeling out of place in her new surroundings This all harks back to earlier Gothic tales But what a gorgeous book cover The story is narrated by Lucy and Hetty Lucy, daughter of Lord Lockwood, is presented as a fragile and easily frightened beauty She is emotionally and mentally unstable, haunted, melancholic and subject to bouts of hysteria Hetty has been tasked as the curator of a Natural History Museum in London to move their collection of mammals to the safety of Lockwood Manor, a country estate She is to safeguard the exhibit there for the duration of the war She is a thirty year old woman, proud that she has a career that was a mans job before the war She is socially awkward and obsessed with animals, especially the collection of stuffed animals entrusted to her care In her mind she likens people to the mammals she imagines they resemble When a man flirts with her, she has been known to respond with a lecture on the classification of animal species She finds it difficult to relate to men and considers herself a spinster career woman Lockwood Manor is the true star of the book Described in vivid, atmospheric terms, it is a malevolent presence that overwhelms the story with its rud ghosts and creepy events It is a 92 room crumbling mansion, beset by moths, mice, cats, mould, cold, and damp The rooms are dark and dreary It is far from the ideal place to store an animal exhibit Hetty feels like an unwanted presence, the subject of the master s and staffs disdain Inexplicable and frightening things begin to happen immediately A stuffed jaguar disappears along with an ivory collection A display case of hummingbirds is broken with birds missing Some of the exhibits have been moved or rearranged Mysterious sounds disturb her sleep and she feels there is a stalker lurking in the halls Or is it a ghost She is unnerved when the lord and household staff blame her for being careless and overdramatizing for attention She becomes friends with the fragile Lucy, and they develop a secret, romantic relationship Hetty realizes the animal exhibits are in a precarious state, being damaged by mice, insects, the cold and dampness Her duty is to move them to suitable surroundings, but she fears being regarded as a failure, losing her job with the museum, but above all does not want to be separated from Lucy whom she loves There were stretches in the book where nothing much was happening The pace picked up towards the end The prose was lyrical at times, but there were passages that I felt were too florid and overwrought I found it difficult to identify who was narrating the early chapters because both women sounded alike Some of the dialogue seemed from Victorian times rather than the era in which the book was set I wish I had felt connected with the characters.

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    DNF at 30%While I understand that the Gothic is an inherently intertextual genre that is derivative by its very nature, I do expect something a bit innovative from contemporary Gothic fiction.Sadly, so far into Jane Healey s debut novel and we already have an abundance of on the nose references and little else there is a red room Jane Eyre , rumours of a ghost who known as the woman in white The Woman in White , and a creepy housekeeper a huge mansion Rebecca The Gothic atmosphere is rendered only by our trembling female protagonists Having a character shudder or experience goosebumps doesn t really make your narrative into a Gothic one The story is narrated by the two female narratorsand they sound exactly the same Also, why are they both so incompetent They spend most of the time feeling that their heart is tightening and that their skin is prickling these tremulous creatures are better suited to Ann Radcliffe.The historical setting is incredibly generic Apparently the story takes place in the 1940s but the language they use seems vaguely historic there are some references to the war and women are seen as inferiorbut these things hardly make the setting into a realistic or vivid one The writing is okaymiles away from Sarah Watersbut then again this is a debut All in all, this is an uncreative and unconvincing novel so I am than happy to leave it unfinished.

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    It had been living here that had turned my mother and I mad I was sure that something still lurked here inside these walls, something hidden, something someone malevolent and wrong As German bombs threaten London, Lockwood Manor receives some unusual evacuees the animal exhibits of a London natural history museum, presided over by museum worker Hetty Cartwright.The house, inhabited by unpleasant Major Lockwood and his fragile daughter Lucy, has seen its own recent tragedies Lucy s mother a deeply troubled, clearly mentally unwell woman terrified of a woman in white only she can see and grandmother were recently killed in an accident Lucy herself is haunted by strange dreams and fears of something monstrous stalking the house And when Hetty and her animals arrive, strange occurrences accompany them animals inexplicably move or even disappear.Lucy s mother Heloise, the mad wife from the West Indies, evokes echoes of the first Mrs Rochester, and indeed, Hetty herself, a young woman largely alone in the world, has some similarities with Jane Eyre, even describing herself at one point as poor and plain There are other similarities, too But there s certainly no love affair on the cards with the master of the house, although this is a love story.Although Hetty asserts she doesn t think of her animals as alive, this is never entirely convincing early on, for instance, she refers to them as muffled and blinded by their wrappings for transport to the Manor Her litany of names is hypnotic at times the okapi, the platypus, the hummingbirds nests, the polar bear, the Sumatran tiger, the white tailed mongoose, the capybara, the giant golden crowned flying foxThe Animals at Lockwood Manor is an entrancing, unsettling and ultimately very satisfying read I loved it.

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    Though less overtly creepy than A Shadow on the Lens, this book is plenty unsettling in its own right And it also happens to be historical set in World War Two, to be exact, though I ve never read anything quite like it before.The heroine of the story is Hetty, a young woman sent to Lockwood Manor to be the caretaker of a collection of rare taxidermy animals for the museum that she s employed by But things aren t as simple as they first appear the animals are vanishing, or moving, the manor appears to be haunted by a vengeful woman in white, and the lady of the manor, Lucy, who is herself haunted by terrifying dreams and maybe something .Let s be frank I loved this book It s gorgeously written, and completely atmospheric Healey has such a great eye for character and for setting, and you really feel like you re there with Hetty, creeping through the corridors of the manor in search of the person or thing that s taking her animals It s all deliciously creepy, but what leavens the oppressiveness is the beauty of her budding relationship with Lucy It s delicate and shy, and develops completely organically even better, it s a lovely complement to the story rather than its focus.And the creep factor is creepy indeed Mysterious handprints on the glass, dolls found under beds, dark secrets hidden in Lucy s psyche and especially the menacing presence of her father all combine to give this book a really uneasy feel You re never entirely sure what s real and what s imagined, so the happy ending comes as a real and welcome surprise.A book for anybody who loves or hates taxidermy and haunted houses, this should definitely make it onto your Hallowe en reading list

Some Secrets Are Unspoken Others Are UnspeakableAugust Thirty Year Old Hetty Cartwright Is Tasked With The Evacuation And Safekeeping Of The Natural History Museum S Collection Of Mammals Once She And Her Exhibits Arrive At Lockwood Manor, However, Where They Are To Stay For The Duration Of The War, Hetty Soon Realizes That She S Taken On Than She D Bargained ForProtecting Her Charges From The Irascible Lord Lockwood And Resentful Servants Is Work Enough, But When Some Of The Animals Go Missing, And Worse, Hetty Begins To Suspect Someone Or Something Is Stalking Her Through The Darkened Corridors Of The HouseAs The Disasters Mount, Hetty Finds Herself Falling Under The Spell Of Lucy, Lord Lockwood S Beautiful But Clearly Haunted Daughter But Why Is Lucy So Traumatized Does She Know Something She S Not Telling And Is There Any Truth To Local Rumours Of Ghosts And Curses Part Love Story, Part Mystery, The Animals At Lockwood Manor By Jane Healey Is A Gripping And Atmospheric Tale Of Family Madness, Long Buried Secrets And Hidden Desires

About the Author: Jane Healey

Jane Healey was named after Jane Eyre but, growing up in a Victorian farmhouse that was rumoured to be haunted, was initially too frightened of the ghost in the red room to read past the second chapter She returned to it successfully during her English Literature degree at Warwick University and later wrote her MSc dissertation at Edinburgh University on ghosts, mothers, and libraries as