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人生がときめく片づけの魔法 epub – Replica-watches.co

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    There is no rating low enough to compensate for the way this book has ruined my life Whatever you do, don t read it as it will haunt you This is a long review but it behooves you to stick with it To begin, you have to touch each and every possession and ask yourself if it brings you joy If it doesn t, it needs to be discarded Do you know how hard it is to summon joy for beige underwear or Neosporin Yet summon you must I like my carrot peeler but is joy too strong a word It gets tougher Not only must you apply hands to every piece of clothing while checking for your joy response, you must fold your clothes in very specific ways in order to find each piece s sweet spot I never knew that Every piece of clothing has it s own sweet spot where it feels just right This will lead to an historical moment when your mind and the piece of clothing connect Don t forget to thank your clothes for protecting your body Thank your accessories for making you beautiful Express your appreciation to every item that supported you during the day Never, never ball up your socks as they can t get their much deserved rest that way They need to breathe a sigh of relief You must visit your off season clothes to let them know you care and look forward to wearing them when they re next in season This kind of communication helps your clothes stay vibrant and keeps your relationship with them alive longer Everything must be stored standing up rather than laid flat Stacking weakens and exhausts the things that bear the weight of the pile Just imagine how you would feel if you were forced to carry a heavy load for hours You must empty your hand bag every day Being packed all the time, even when not in use, must feel something like going to bed with a full stomach When you get a new phone, it is kind to text your old one with a message of thanks for its service.Every single thing must be in its assigned place before you go to bed Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have no fixed address It is equally important for our possessions to have that assurance that there is a place for them to return to If we greet our house properly it will be happy to tell me what the family no longer needs and where to put the things remaining so that the family can be comfortable and happy in this space Not sure if you do this before or after applying hands and checking your joy response It did come near the end of the book, if that helps.So what do the things that get discarded for not sparking joy feel I think they simply want to leave Lying forgotten in the closet, they know better than anyone else that they are not bringing you joy The people who tidy as this book recommend experience a change in their appearance Their figures are streamlined, their skin is radiant, and their eyes shine brighter Unfortunately, my eyes are crossed, I ve gained 10 pounds, and I feel hives ready to pop I had no idea when I picked up this pretty little book that it was going to necessitate my search for a live in psychiatrist I had NO freaking idea that I was squashing the self esteem of my possessions I can NOT find those folding sweet spots and everything in my drawers is in a mosh pit My hand bag looks sad every time I walk by its nightly fullness My socks are falling down I m not sure why I hate the word joy now I m sleep deprived My possessions call out to me for help but I don t know if they want me to summon joy or if they want to leave The other day my husband heard me thanking my underwear for staying up all day I m not sure how much longer I ll be married.

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    How do I get into messes like this Reading books that have words like tidying in their title, I mean Well, there s a story behind it.The Good Wife and I are trying to purge, to clean up after decades of marriage, kids, three moves, etc We ve got to do something about all this stuff we keep bumping into or dusting, I keep saying, something than the penny ante efforts we re doing so far Enter a New York Times feature on THIS book, calling it the greatest thing since sliced sushi That does it, I told my wife We re both reading this on the Kindle You first, she said.I should ve known right there It was kind of like the puppy we picked out 10 year ago He s a little mouthy, the guy at the shelter said You d think an English major would know foreshadowing when he heard it.Anyway, I m reading this book and reading this book and saying to myself, The Times article IS the book Free, too Why am I reading all this filler, this clutter, these words in need of TIDYING up That said, I should give the book a star back just for the punch line, Does it spark joy It s what you say when holding some up for tossing item in your hand Does it spark joy If not, heave and ho, my friends.Just now, I looked around the kitchen with my wife at my side Nothing in here sparks joy, I said I m in the kitchen, she replied firmly No, no Stuff, I mean Anyway, that s the gist of the book As for her system, Marie Kondo goes into houses she does this for a living and starts her ritual by singing its praises Then she practices the praise of reduction She s grateful in her own home, too For instance, she brings her purse home from work, empties it, puts stuff in its place fear not, it has a place , then thanks her purse for another job well done In the morning it all goes back in Says it extends the life of her purse You tell me tidying or tidying Marie also says to congregate everything by category in one spot Start with clothes Never room by room where clothes may be found, but ALL clothes from the WHOLE house in ONE spot on the floor if you have a room big enough, and you don t Now hold each piece of clothing, one by one Does this spark joy Bzzt And that s just the clothes you still have books, papers, mementos, and personal stuff ahead and in that order The only other thing I recall is hanging stuff in the closet Light clothes color, material left, darker and heavier right That s after you ve tossed 87.9% of it.Anyway, my wife is getting cute now Done, I said Now you Why don t you tell me the highlights instead, she said, already spooked by the spark any joy talk Wha Yep Just like the former puppy that by now has consumed half the house because he s a little mouthy Should ve seen it coming from the get go the minute I got the you first line Bottom line You can t tidy a house in ruthless Marie Kondo fashion when you re 40% of a pair the other 60% having a Security Council Veto, among other super powers But that s marriage a very untidy thing.

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    You will never use spare buttons WORDS WE ALL NEED TO HEAR.I really thoroughly loved this book I ve always been interested in minimalism trying to stop material goods being the things that bring us happiness, and not owning than we need and picked this book up after hearing a few people around me enjoy it I was hoping it would give me a few tips on how to lead a clutter free existence, and while it accomplished that, it also did so much The thing that most stuck me about this book was the immense respect that the author, who feels like my friend after reading this, a gentle companion through this process , shows to all possessions She understands that this is an emotional process, and her ideas are not about guilt She isn t saying You re a fool for allowing all of this garbage into your life Get rid of it all at once Instead she s saying All of these things came into your life for a reason, take your time considering them, and then thank them and let them go onto the next stage of existence It s all so kind and loving and made me not feel guilty or fear the process.I also really liked the structure of this book It has a solid introduction, a clear process, a section of tips, and then a conclusion It s very straightforward and doesn t feel complex or gimmicky It all feels like common sense It also had key points in bold which helped in figuring out the main thesis of different sections.The book focuses on tidying your house, but for me and most of the people reading this we don t own a house, we own one room I don t think this matters for two reasons Firstly, the ideas and methods in this book can be perfectly applied to your space, no matter how extensive it is It s all about creating the most positive space imaginable, and that is very achievable with just one room Secondly, this book was very much a philosophy It s about learning to reflect on the relationship between you and your possessions and is something I will carry with me moving forward in life Someday I will move out of my parents house and into my own house apartment and I am extremely grateful that I have read this book and will be able to start that journey with this knowledge.Thank you, Marie, for sharing what you ve learned, I m very excited to start my journey of only surrounding myself with things that I love and bring me joy.

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    This book did not spark joy Therefore, I am discarding it.

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    Do you like talking to furniture Do you believe shirts have souls Are you insane This might be the book for you.

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    The book is short and sweet, and the author is bat shit crazy But Here are two take aways that will stay with me If it does not spark joy, throw it out.And My basic principle for sorting papers is to throw them all away Believe me I have been throwing away and selling, and donating to Goodwill with a vengeance for the past few days, and tidying I refuse to fold my socks though Folding socks is for people with all the time in the world.

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    Personally, I recommend hanging sponges outside, such as on the veranda Quite possibly the funniest line I have ever read in a book Because she is dead serious.Although there were several helpful sections about how to declutter and organize your home, much of this book is ridiculously funny This woman obviously has no children and no life as she speaks to all her inanimate objects daily, empties her purse EVERY SINGLE DAY, and doesn t own a dish rack, preferring instead to put all her dishes on the veranda to dry She s also afraid of hurting her socks feelings I gave it two stars because I do like the idea of getting rid of things that don t bring you joy and I like the idea of stacking things vertically And I m taking Marie Kondo s advice and getting rid of this book It most definitely does not spark joy Well maybe in an ironic way.

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    Though this book can be a little woo woo and a little repetitive, I have to give it five stars for the impact it has already had on my life I love collecting stuff and have a very hard time letting go The author s techniques allowed me to graciously and gratefully bid adieu to things I no longer love, and I felt amazing when I did both my clothing and book purges My sister asked if I was high I still have much to do, but I m trying to do one step a week HIGHLY recommended.

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    This book just spoke to me, for whatever reason, although I can see why others might not get much out of it No matter what the subject is, I love reading books by people that are truly passionate about the subject matter, and one thing is for sure Marie Kondo is passionate about tidying Despite all of that, this book isn t really about tidying, at its core It s about living very intentionally and allowing your surroundings and possessions to become an expression of yourself If that last sentence made you roll your eyes, skip this book, but if you like the idea of finding meaning in the things that you own, you ll enjoy this.

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